9 Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Drive Traffic to Your Website

There are hundreds of millions of active websites, far more choices than anyone could browse in a lifetime of nonstop usage.  Entrepreneurs can no longer rely on a static, brochure-style site that simply delivers information about their brand. Browsers are fickle. They expect to be rewarded for giving their time and attention to a specific site, either with new information or something more tangible.

Websites are an excellent way to attract clients. And if you create your online presence wisely—with an engaging website that is regularly updated – you will not only build brand loyalty, you will increase your customer base.

So how do you get the high traffic necessary to build and sustain your brand? Here are nine ways to engage, add value and grow your tribe:

  •  Give something away – yes, for free – Gone are the days when people would simply relinquish their name and email address in exchange for, well, nothing. In order to gain access to the sacred space of someone’s inbox, you must give them something of value. It can be a special report, an mp3 download, e-book, checklist, manifesto, video series or anything else that will be incredibly useful to them. People love free stuff. People love helpful free stuff even more. Create an opt-in box on your website where people can sign up by giving you their name and email address in exchange for your freebie.
  •  Publish a newsletter – no less than once a month – when potential clients sign up for your freebie, let them know that they will also be receiving your newsletter. This will allow you to regularly communicate with your target market, provide valuable content, share news about your products and services and direct them back to your website on a regular basis. For your feature article, you can include a link back to your blog in each newsletter to drive readers directly to your site.
  •  Write and publish articles on other sites – this is one of my favorite strategies for two reasons. First, most article submission sites ask you to include a resource box with your article. This is a byline at the very bottom of your article that should include your short bio, info about your “Pink Spoon” AND a link back to your site. Second, use keywords in the byline so search engines like Google can index your website. I use keywords such as “personal branding” and “women entrepreneurs” as links back to my site. I have hundreds of links back to my website because of articles that have been posted online. A few of these include: https://www.ezinearticles.com, https://www.ideamarketers.com and https://www.ehow.com.
  •  Write guest blog posts – Select at least five websites that accept contributing blog posts and send a concise email outlining who you are, what you offer and 3-5 bullet points that describe the post you would like to submit. Make sure you have already read much of the content on these sites and are confident that your piece is a good fit. Like the article submission sites, most blogs will run your byline/author box at the bottom of your post and link back to your website.
  •  Create more valuable content – even beyond your Pink Spoon! – Yep, you read correctly. Give even more away…for free. When you create something that is substantially useful for your audience, people will be flocking to your website in droves. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a white paper, e-book, audio file, online course or a complimentary session with you, just give it away. At SheBrand, we have an entire page dedicated to free downloadable mp3’s and transcripts. We also offer monthly calls with business experts at no charge to our mailing list. Constantly ask yourself, “What can I share that will help my target market?” Better yet, ask them what they are struggling with and then go create a solution!
  •  Create strategic alliances – Find other like-minded, professional people who are targeting a similar demographic and strategize on how you can best help each other grow your businesses. For example, if you are a nutritionist, perhaps an acupuncturist could promote your business through her own website, newsletter, email marketing and direct mail – and vice versa. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement and both of you will have the opportunity to build your credibility with a new audience and grow your business.
  •  Go offline with direct mail – If you have access to a list that contains a high percentage of your target clients, then I highly recommend sending a direct mail piece that features your “Pink Spoon” or any other valuable content you are offering at no charge, with your website address. Give them a reason to visit your website without having to purchase anything.
  •  Put your web address & content offering on everything – It seems so simple, but is  often overlooked. Make sure you include your website address and a simple teaser for your free giveaway on all of your marketing materials – business cards, letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, thank you cards, catalogs, etc. And don’t forget your email signature. If you’re sending out 200 emails every day without mentioning your website and giveaways, you’re missing a great opportunity to drive more traffic directly to your site.
  •  Share all new content on Twitter – A little virtual bird goes a long way. When you update your site or post something new, announce it on Twitter. Post it in the morning and again in the evening to hit different people at different times. Use simple and effective language. The beauty of Twitter is that the character limits will force you to think efficiently and creatively. You don’t need a detailed explanation of your website update. You just need to be a good tease.

And who doesn’t like a good tease every once in a while?

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