Join Us for the 5 Day Brand Transformation Challenge Starting October 18th!

In today’s crowded digital space filled with 24/7 newsfeeds, emails, texts and social channels, it takes a lot more than a pretty logo to stand out.

Whether you’re selling a product, service, workshop – or anything else for that matter – the best way to get your target audience’s attention is to develop a relationship with them. And to establish a relationship, you first must make an emotional connection.

“How do I do that effectively?” you might ask.

Introducing the 5 Day Brand Transformation Challenge.

Give me just one week and I’ll help you create a more compelling, resonant brand. One that helps you stand out and connect powerfully with your ideal clients.

Did I mention it’s absolutely FREE?!

How would you feel if you had clarity around your brand, could communicate confidently with potential customers and create a powerful brand experience that attracted more of your ideal clients, consistently?

What if one extraordinary opportunity could make your marketing efforts much more effective?

What if you could build a loyal following of raving fans that want to buy your products and services?

Join me for the 5 Day Brand Transformation Challenge and find out!

The LIVE Challenge begins on Monday October 18th.

Get ready to:

  • Identify how you want to be perceived
  • Get clear on your brand promise and the value you provide
  • Define your mission and WHY you’re in business
  • Develop a Content Plan to attract, connect & engage
  • Confidently talk about yourself and your product and services
  • Connect and network like a PRO
  • WIN a 1:1 Brand Breakthrough Consultation Session to totally transform your brand!

      The bottom line: If you don’t have a strong brand, your marketing will never work.

      And this I know for sure: you can’t keep doing more of the same things and expect different results.

      Let’s get you on the right track and build a rock-solid brand foundation that supports you, attracts more of your ideal clients and sells more of your products and services.





      • You’ll receive a daily email (Monday – Friday) with a powerful brand lesson
      • Each lesson contains a brand transforming exercise to help you integrate the lesson more powerfully
      • Most of the lessons are designed to take no more than 10-20 minutes to easily fit into your daily schedule
      • Three LIVE sessions with Liz on IG LIVE including hot seats, Q&A and more!
      • An empowering, inspiring and effective journey to level up your brand in a short period of time
      • Absolutely FREE! (Because women who create impact and abundance are revolutionary!)



      • Complete the Brand Transformation Exercise each day!
      • Share something from your exercise and experience with the Challenge on your IG Stories and tag @SheBrandLiz and @SheBrand (post anything you’d like that shares something about doing the Challenge!)
      • Each post each day is an entry – make sure to post all 5 days for a total of 5 entries to WIN!

          The Winner will be announced via IG Stories on Monday October 25th!

          Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to build a better brand in just one week.

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