The Influencer


If you know you need to get online in a bigger way, whether you’re looking to make a larger impact with an existing site or starting completely from scratch, The Influencer is for you. This package is the whole shebang–from brand story and customized strategy to a fully functional website and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

If you’re ready to build an influential online presence, this is your package.

The Influencer is about creating a platform where you build trust. And your website is a crucial piece. We’ll build a customized site with all the online marketing bells and whistles necessary to get you noticed–and remembered. We’ll sort through all the flashy new tools out there and determine the best for your needs. We’ll assess your who, what, how and WHY, then come up with a focused strategy, starting with your first 90 days. If your goal is to be positioned as an authority in your industry, we’ll come up with a strategy to help you get there.

The Influencer package includes everything in the Brand Your Brilliance and the Build Your Empire packages PLUS:

  • Build your online presence using your brand foundation
  • Create the overall architecture for your website
  • Assess your current social media platforms and integrate with your site
  • Create outlines for effective packages and new products to support your brand
  • Build your customized WordPress website from scratch
  • Develop your website foundation–layout, number of pages, sidebar options, etc.
  • Brand your website with your logo and specific style guide
  • Create your blog with up to ten of your prewritten articles once you go live
  • Assist in setting up an email marketing program, auto-responder system and/or payment processor
  • Design an opt-in box for things like newsletter sign-ups and giveaways
  • Create payment links to process online payments
  • Design thank-you pages to follow payment processing
  • Set up auto-responder emails for opt-in forms or purchases
  • Install appropriate WordPress plugins to fully optimize your site
  • Ensure your website is compatible with multiple internet browsers
  • Set up new email accounts associated with your domain name

And more! As with all SheBrand packages, The Influencer is designed to meet you where you are. We’ll craft the package around your individual branding and marketing needs.

*The Influencer package includes 10 one hour sessions to be used within a four to six month period, along with multiple meetings with the SheBrand web development team. It also includes the design, development and implementation of a bright, shiny, customized WordPress website.

For more information or to get on the wait list for The Influencer package, please email Shelley Carling at

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