The Awesome Brand Foundation Builder

If you think of branding as stuff only big, faceless corporations do, or if you feel like marketing is just empty broadcasting without real connection you’re in for a (pleasant) surprise.

Get Ready to Get Awesome

Liz Dennery SandersI’m Liz Dennery Sanders, creator of The Awesome Brand Foundation Builder.

I love seeing women confidently take charge of their brands and serve their customers and clients from a place of clarity and empowerment.

That’s why I’ve taken the tools, steps, and resources I’ve used to great success with my private clients during my 20+ years as a branding, marketing and public relations expert, and I’ve distilled them to the core essentials, making them more accessible and doable than ever before.

“Say no more, Liz! I already know
I want this FREE Foundation Builder Kit!”

For a limited time, I’m making all three parts of this Awesome Brand Foundation Builder available for FREE

The Awesome Brand Foundation Builder three-part kit is brand new, and I’m celebrating its release by sharing it for FREE.

In the Foundation Builder Part 1, I’m revealing:

  • The difference between a brand and branding (this always surprises people!)
  • What makes a brand an Awesome Brand… and it has NOTHING to do with money
  • The ONE thing people are really buying from you, no matter what business you’re in — if you really understand this one concept, you’re leaps and bounds ahead of most others out there (including many “experts”)!
  • How building an Awesome Brand makes your marketing easier and more natural… while delivering a better experience for your clients

“I’m ready to build the foundation of my Awesome Brand!”

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